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Great article on SWI on why there are “250’000 different prices for one health insurance” in Switzerland. We were surprised to read that premiums have soared immensely ever since compulsory basic health insurance was introduced in Switzerland in 1996. Swiss health insurance rates have more than doubled while salaries have only gone up by 25% on average in the same time. SWI does a great job at comparing and evaluating the premiums amongst insurers from canton to canton. Conclusion: Basic insurance cover in Switzerland is identical among all insurers, however, prices range significantly!  The Swiss Health Insurance system is one of the most complete systems in the world. However, it is also extremely complicated and difficult to understand. Considering that the cost of health insurance will rise on average 4.5% in 2017, it’s highly important that you have the most appropriate insurance coverage. Get in touch, if you need advice and support in finding the right health insurance for you and your family.

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Отличная статья на SWI о том, почему в Швейцарии “250’000 разных цен на страхование здоровья”. Швейцарская система здравоохранения, одна из самых развитых в мире, но ее мало кто понимает до конца.  Обращайтесь к нам если вам и вашей семье нужна помощь и поддержка в поисках самого подходящего страхования!

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