Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange Switzerland

Forward contracts

Lock into an exchange rate for a period of up to two years.

Forward contracts are often used to protect international payments from adverse foreign exchange market behaviour. With an exchange rate locked on a future payment you can accurately plan your future budgets and stop worrying about unpredictable market rates.

Market orders

Target an exchange rate not currently available on the market.

Market orders are used if you don’t need to make a payment immediately and you think the foreign exchange market rates for a currency could improve in your favour. You can automatically exchange at more competitive rates without having to watch the markets.

Additional benefits to EPEK’s Foreign Exchange solutions

  • Direct access to traders
  • Quick and professional trade execution
  • Trade numerous FX pairs

EPEK’s market leading foreign exchange solutions processed over 7 million transactions to 150 countries last year alone. 20 billion traded in currencies last year.

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