Which country attracts and develops the best talent?

The best country at attracting and developing talent is…Switzerland! Its official.

A recent report by the International Graduate University INSEAD, showed Switzerland topping the GTCI (Global Talent Competitive Index).

The index measures how countries are able to attract, grow and retain talent. The index put Switzerland ahead of Singapore, the UK, the US and Sweden.

INSEAD also released a city index which put Zürich into second place, only just missing out to Copenhagen for the best city to attract talent.

Bruno Lanvin, who authored the new cities ranking, said: “Cities are emerging as global players on the talent competition scene.”

“The initial GCTCI rankings show that although megacities such as San Francisco, Madrid or Paris are among the leaders, smaller cities such as Copenhagen, Zurich, Gothenburg, or Dublin are competitors to be reckoned with.”

“They are cities where talents can find excellent career opportunities, good connectivity (broadband and transport) and a high quality of life for themselves and their families.”

EPEK - Developing Talent

EPEK – Developing Talent

With major global events taking place in Q1 of 2017, what does this mean for Switzerland?

The widely-debated Brexit vote and the election of president elect Trump raises several concerns for the stability of a number of economies. In due course, companies and their potential employees will certainly look for calmer seas to continue a business as usual outlook.

With a calmer business environment, Switzerland certainly looks like a country poised to offer stability to a world currently changing at break-neck speed. As our recent article detailed, “Made in Switzerland”, Switzerland isn’t just about the finest milk chocolate or specialist watches.

With booming sectors, such as Life Sciences, Financial and IT services – Switzerland is ready to support the best business talent the market has to offer. Companies in these sectors will be able to recruit the best talent ranging from graduates to industry professionals. This will allow global companies to protect and develop business critical operations.

If you or your business are looking to migrate to Switzerland, EPEK and its PNP (Premium Network Partners) are in a unique position to help with Relocation, Advisory and Concierge services. There may be a number of questions that you may have so please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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